About Audrey

Audrey P. McDonald, BS, LMT & ANMT

I began mAudrey #4 8x10 dy interest in the human body as a teenager when I discovered I had scoliosis. I wore a brace for four years to correct the curvature of my spine. I began physical therapy as a young teen and have ever since been involved in strength training and exercise. I have numerous years of experience in the medical profession. I graduated in 1989 with a BS in Kinesiology from University of Colorado in Boulder.  In Boulder, I taught undergraduate human anatomy and graduated with honors.  After graduating, I worked in an orthopedic physical therapy clinic and was personal assistant to the owner. I have over 5000 hours community service working in the Denver Metro area at such facilities like:  Craig Hospital, CU Boulder Medical Facility and Lutheran Hospital.  In 2000, I graduated from the Center of Advanced Therapeutics with nueromuscular and advanced nueromuscular training. My massage style emphasizes deep tissue, nueromuscular therapy and myofascial release techniques that are specifically geared toward chronic pain and injury. I also practice Swedish massage, sports massage, prenatal massage and reflexology to name a few.