Services – Types of Massages


Swedish massage is good for general relaxation of muscles and easing of minor aches and pains. This type of massage improves circulation, removes metabolic wastes, improves muscle tone and flexibility, prevents muscle atrophy, heightens tissue metabolism and promotes healing.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is more intrusive in nature and accesses specific muscle groups for the release of tight and damaged tissues.

Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular massage focuses on the reorganization of collagen fibers to promote strength and extensibility of muscle tissue. NMT work also restructures the nervous system to promote healthy nervous system pathways by treating trigger points.

Advanced Neuromuscular

Advanced neuromuscular massage (ANMT) is similar to rolfing in its basic component of myofascial release techniques. This work is aggressive in nature and does wonders for chronic pain and injury.


Prenatal massage is lighter touch that helps to relieve leg cramping, back pain, sciatica and prepares the body for labor.


This type of massage alleviates pressure points in the hands and feet that relieve the body’s internal organs and nervous system.